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Important: This is a 100% digital program, meaning all files are downloadable from this page right here. Follow the 3 easy steps to complete your purchase.

Make sure to download all components of the program before leaving this page. 

Your payment is a ONE TIME ONLY charge and will show up on your bank statement as ClickBank or CLCKBANK*com

You will need to have Adobe Reader to view the pdf files. If you don’t already have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it for free here:


STEP ONE: Download all components by clicking on each image below one at a time.

There are 5 PDF components, 3 Videos, and 1 Audio file 


STEP TWO: Once each ebook is opened right click on it and select “Save As..” then put it somewhere on your computer where you’ll easily find it later, for example "Desktop". You can also import these files into iBooks or another PDF document reading software for your smartphone by opening your receipt on your phones internet browser. 


STEP THREE: The video and audio files are also downloadable. Make sure to save all 3 trimester workout demo vids AND the meditation audio

Once the files are Saved to your computer you are done & good to go!

You will not have to return to this webpage or be online to access the program. 

Download the videos below by clicking the blue "Download" buttons on the bottom right corner of each video

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